Timesheet is a method of tracking employee working time. Utilizing this Timesheet feature in Seedor, one can easily analyze the employee working report, says the project-based working time and task-based working time. Thus via tracking the working time, one can easily log into the activities of the employees and monitor their work progressions.

Now we say our employee Tim wants to do his timesheet, for that he go to Timesheets -> My Timesheets there all the timesheets created by Tim is shown.


Using the create button he can create a new timesheet for the day.

He needs to fill the Description, Start time and end time and Project, Task details. Once he give the project and task details this timesheet can be viewed under the task of the specified project. For further details please check our Project module.

Once he click the Submit to Manager Button, Timesheet can be sent for approval from the manager. The manager can approve or Reject the Timesheet with proper reason.

Under the Timesheet menu there are three menus

In All Timesheets Company's manager can view all the timesheets

Under Start Work,

Tim wants to give the Start time and Project, Task only, once he start timer start time can be counted after he finish the task he can stop the work, The intermediate time will be calculated it automatically create a timesheet.

If the employee continuously work for 5 days, but he forgot to maintain his Timesheet, He can able to put all the 5 timesheets in one method using the Quick Timesheet menu, By clicking the create button

Here, he give the time period and employee and the work type. Work Type can be configured under the Configuration.

Your company's manager can easily view all the To Approve Timesheets in the menu, once he click the To Approve Timesheet All the timesheets need to approve will be visible.

Here, easily timesheet can be approved by the manager or else he create a new timesheet and approve it using the Create button.


Under the report menu all the timesheets are reported

There are 5 different reporting methods,

By Employee, once you click the by employee menu all the timesheets made by the employee are visible

By Project, in this reporting method project wise all the timesheets are visible.

Using the filters we view the timesheets in filtered view.


Under the configuration we configure the work types

Work Types

Work types configured for the purpose of creating Quick Timesheets under the work types click the Create button to create a new work types