In Seedor Membership Management you can automate routine tasks. Membership management software is used to manage their membership programs more efficiently and effectively, from building comprehensive member profiles to automating renewal reminders and other communications.

In Seedor Membership Management you can manage multiple membership subscription terms like monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc and even auto-renew subscriptions. It automates applications, payments, and renewals, allow member functions on your website, and automate member communication.

In the Seedor Members module, you can see various crucial points and support various kinds of members like free member, associated member, paid member, or a special member. In this type of module, you can set membership packages for individuals, groups, and separately manage fees and renewals for each type of membership.

Sales and accounting modules can be integrated with Seedor membership management systems. Integration with these modules helps in automated invoice generation and request submission for renewal of membership. 

* Create membership items and configure them effortlessly

* Create members 

* Free membership is possible

* Paid membership invoicing and Membership Fee.

* The user can add attachments in products for memberships

This is the dashboard view of members

To Create Members

Now you can create new members through click on the create button. You can fill the following basic fields and contact information of the member. Firstly you can select the type of member checkbox: Individual or Company 

To Create Free Membership

In the member form, you can select the membership option and click on the checkbox of free member then the current membership status gets changed to โ€œFree Memberโ€



To Create Buy Membership

Whenever you want to need any of the membership products, you need to click on the button โ€œBuy Membershipโ€. You did not need to tick the checkbox of free membership.

Now your current membership status gets changed to โ€œNon-Memberโ€.


Business card

This module add feature in Partner form to save multi business card

Appear Smart button in parent to count number of Business Card belong to contacts

This Kanban will allow user to view all business card belong to contact.


This form will allow user to create and upload business card for contact fast from Company.

Sales and Purchase


Invoice scan

Invoice Scan automatically scans all relevant data from invoices and receipts regardless of format with 100% accuracy, so digitalization of your workflow in Seedor becomes complete.

Id Number

This module allows to manage all sort of identification numbers and certificates which are assigned to a partner (company or individual) and vary from country to country.

  • Commercial register
  • VAT ID
  • Fiscal ID's
  • Membership numbers
  • Driver license


Overdue payment

This module adds to the โ€˜Payments and due listโ€™ view the number of days that an open item is overdue, and classifies the amount due in separate terms columns

Customer statement

You can send overdue statement by email to customer.

Accounting User/Accountant can easily send Statements of customers and suppliers by email send statement button.


Supplier statement

Customer/Supplier financial accounting Statement seedor offers you to view customers or suppliers statements reports with overdue invoices details and helps you to send statements of account reports by email to your customers/suppliers.


Credit control

Account Credit Control module is a part of Financial Tools used in business to ensure that once sales are made they are realised as cash. This module helps to identify outstanding debt beyond tolerance level and setup followup method.

Mark one line as Manual followup will also mark all the lines of the partner.

Phone Calls

  1. If your user has Shown Scheduled Calls Menu permission, you will see scheduled calls menu too.
  2. In any moment you can schedule another call, schedule a meeting or convert call contact to opportunity.