Contact management is important for any organization or business venture. Managing contact of customers, vendors, sub-contractors and many other categories of people will be required to ensure the smooth operation of a business. With Seedor support we ease the contact management operation.

Seedor has a dedicated contact management module. This module comes to the rescue of the user to manage the contact details of employees, customers, or other groups. Seedor contact module can be integrated with various other modules so that every business and organization can make use of the contact support system.

 Here we can check how to use Seedor Contact for the benefit of your organization

Now we will see how to create a new contact by clicking the create button

Fill in all particulars of a person including the name of the person, contact number, email address of the person and other details. Add relevant information in the create form. The type of contact can also be mentioned by adding if the persons are a salesperson/ purchaser, or customer.

Manage different types of contacts

Seedor can help you have two types of contacts- Individual contact and company contact.

Let us check the tabs in the form

Contact and Address Tab

Here, we can configure new contacts by adding the name of the person, address of the person, and other details including phone number, email address.




What is there in the Sales and Purchase Tab




It contains many fields

Sales Persons is used to adding the details of the person in charge of the contract,

Agents, valued picking, additional sales person.

A sales order can be selected as Delivery Method and delivery schedule.

Payment Terms helps to change the default payment term with a new term.

In this form, the price list is used instead of the default price list provided in the sale order. We can use this when we are transacting with a particular customer.

Identify the product from point of sale with Barcode

If you want to find out the taxes and accounts used for the contract you can depend on Fiscal Position.

Misc. is used for changing the report style and also save the reference, company name, website, main industry, and second industry.




Accounting Tab


This tab helps you to provide Bank Details, Account number, Account Receivable and Account Payable


Internal Note Tab


Insert internal notes with this tab. This feature allows you to insert comments in a way that will not disturb the followers. Internal notes can be delivered to a particular seller.



Meeting overview


This helps the user to plan meetings and other activities for every contact





Overview all meetings at a glance

See all meetings scheduled with a contact, send invitations, add useful information and synchronize everything with Google Calendar.

The user can also create new meetings and invite the participants from the contact list. For this the user will have to use the calendar option. The user can also make use of this feature to synchronize data with the Google calendar.



Access any contact in seconds

Use powerful filters to sort the data you need. Group your contacts by any relevant field, whether the country, the activity of the company or the salesperson in charge of the account.


Manage Filter 

It gives you an option to filter the data. Filters and group by options can be used for the purpose.



Manage Overview


Get an idea of all the activities taking place in connection with particular contact with Seedor Contact. The details of the contact persons, meetings scheduled and sales and purchase initiatives can be found here.





We can add followers and channels so that they can follow them and get the corresponding notifications. 






we have extra information in the more information menu.