In a business, it is very important for you to store and organize data related to the contacts. The process of managing contact data can be a bit complicated. Therefore managing them manually may create problems. With the help of efficient contact management, you can store a large number of contacts including their name, email, location, phone numbers, and manage them effectively. Also, you can maintain a clear picture of each contact. Your interactions with the contact, opportunities, sales, and purchase details, all can be stored and analyzed. With all this information you can have a deep insight about the contact. As the data is being stored in the database, manual storage errors can be eliminated.

Contact module helps you to save all the necessary information regarding the contact details in your database systematically. As every contact is saved separately it helps you to have a personalized interaction with the contact. You can always analyze the previous relationship with the contact and better collaboration is possible. The contact module helps you to make decisions based on the data stored. With better collaborations, the productivity of the company will automatically increase.

Let us have a brief overview of the Contact Module and how it helps in contact management.

Contact module

By clicking the module you can view the Contact dashboard. All the contacts are saved here and you can have a unified view of your contacts.

You can create a new contact using the Create button Or else when you create a employee the employees private information can be stored as contacts.

At the time of sale customer details and vendor details can be stored as contacts we can view that contacts in the filter,

Now letโ€™s say I have created an employee using Seedor HRMS Recruitment, now the created employees details can created a contact. To view the details of the contact you can click on a contact you wish to view the details.

 Another important feature of Seedor Contact module is that you can save the contact details of individuals as well as companies. So that if we select the contact of a company the required information of the employees will also be displayed under the Contacts and Addresses title.

By clicking on the individual contact, contact details such as Name of the contact, Name of the company, Address, Company Address, Tax ID, Job Position, Phone, Mobile, Email, Website Link, Title and Tags.

If the customer contact make a sale the details of the sale can be showed in the contact,

A meeting can be s scheduled inside the contact for that contact.

Once click the meetings, here itself we can create a new meeting for that customer or vendor.

All the contact activities can managed under the contact of that person

Under the contact details all the contact menus are shown here all the details of the employee or customer or vendor can be filled.

If this contact is unable to access we can assign other contact for the same employee. For that go to Contact & Addresses.